Tag, you’re it!

Hello! Today I want to talk about tag posts and my struggle over tagging people.

Basically, whenever I do a tag post, I always have difficulty over choosing who to tag. Half the time I don’t even tag anyone. I’ll just say, “If you want to do this tag, then consider yourself tagged!” But I really do want to tag people. I’m a newish blogger, so I don’t know that many bloggers, much less know who likes to do tags. Typically I’ll just randomly go through my following list and pick people from there.

So here’s where you come in. Let me know in the comments if you would like to be tagged in future tag posts and if you have any preferences for certain type of tags (ex. Disney related tags, TV related tags, etc.). That way I have an easy place to find people to tag. If you don’t want to be tagged, let me know too because the last thing I want is to be that annoying person who continually tags people who don’t want to be tagged. Also, let me know how you decide who to tag. I’m curious!

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34 thoughts on “Tag, you’re it!

  1. Sara @ The Bibliophagist says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I love doing tags and being tagged in things. It’s figuring out who to tag at the end of it that’s the problem! I usually end up tagging whoever has recently commented on one of my posts, but who knows if they actually wanted to do it. You can always tag me in things, I’ll never be annoyed. 🙂

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  2. daniellepitter says:

    I just recently did a book tag but I did it in a kind of discussion form, so it’s still interesting for people who weren’t tagged. I sometimes have to go through my list to see who I tagged already so I don’t become that annoying person who just tags the same people over and over lol. But to me, book tags are fun! I don’t do them very often either though.

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  3. Jayati says:

    You can always tag me, I am always looking for something to do. I am a new blogger too and trust me, even I have no idea who to tag. I just pick a random person or two.

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  4. erica's bookshelves says:

    You already know I love tags and being tagged so feel free to tag me whenever! I totally know what you mean though, I never tag people because I don’t follow that many people on here and I don’t want to be constantly tagging the same people and annoying them!

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  5. Mybookishlyfe says:

    I love doing tags! So would love to be tagged to do them ❤️ Anyone can feel free to tag me! It’s a great way to connect with people and make friends in the blogging community

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  6. Annie Woods says:

    Great post, Jessica! So happy you brought up this; I’m quite new to all this, so I’m not sure how to deal with tags either and most of the time I don’t know who to tag. I am also afraid to annoy others by tagging them too much. (Or that if I tag someone they’ll think I’m asking them to take pictures of my book…) But I love doing tags myself and am so happy and honored when someone tags me, then I get something fun and challenging to focus my bookstagram photos on. It also makes you remember books you read a while ago and gives you a reason to take photos of your favorite books, not just the newly released ones. So, you are most welcome to tag me, I’d really love if you did! ❤

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  7. Justine says:

    Hi there! I found you on the twitter new blogger sheet ^^ I know what you mean, I want to do tags, but I have no idea if it’s okay to tag people. You can definitely tag me, and I’ll tag you if that’s okay??

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  8. Elza Kinde says:

    What a great idea. I’ve never done a tagging post before, but they look like fun! Sign me up.
    ~I’d rather not be tagged for something about specific TV shows, books, or movies. General is better for me.
    ~I like to blog about reading, creativity, being a word nerd, favorite characters/shows/movies/genres, and positivity. I mostly read middle grade fiction (ages 8-12).

    Thanks! 💛

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