Review: On the Occassion of a Wedding

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Rating: ★★★★

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

First off, I loved that this book was written for a wedding gift to a couple. The dedication says, “To Kristi and Matthew – who are receiving this book as a wedding gift instead of something more practical off their registry.” 

The collection was divided into 4 sections and my favorite was Amor Insanus. That section had all the best poems. They were funny and sexual but still managed to be beautiful and not crude. My favorites from that section were, “A Boring Dream of Our Life in Fine Detail” (pg. 56), “The Unfortunate Subliminal Typo” (pg. 60), “From Your Nakedness, A Poem” (pg. 61), “Manaconda” (pg. 64), “Conjugation, In Latin” (pg. 67), “Subject: Cake No. 50” (pg. 75), “Angel of Light (pg. 78), and “Freudian Slips Of(f) the Thong” (pg. 79). 

The rest of the sections were very romantic, dreamy, and ethereal. Some of my favorites from the remaining sections were, “Quanta Qualia” (pg. 15), “Tears of the Poet” (pg. 23) and “To My Husband Upon Vicennial Introspection” (pg. 103).

The only negative is that there were some poems that I didn’t quite “get”. Some of them were a bit too metaphorical and I wasn’t able to really decipher the meaning. 

Aside from that, I really enjoyed this collection and recommend it to those who enjoy romantic poetry! 

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