Review: Eve 2.0 (The Gamer Series #1)

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Rating: ★★★½

I received this book for free from TLC Book Tours as part of a review tour. 

This was such a fun book! The premise is so cool and makes for an exciting read. The characters get launched into a wide range of video games and it was interesting to see how they adapted to each one. 

One of the things I loved about this book was that each chapter of the book had a corresponding song to listen to, so you end up with a whole playlist of songs. I have to say that the selection of music was so good! Some of the songs were “Under Pressure” by Queen, “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, and “In the End” by Linkin Park. 

I also liked the interlude chapters which gave the point of view of Gwen’s father. Those chapters added a little bit of mystery and intrigue to the story. 

Since this is the start to a series not everything was 100% resolved which makes me interested in the sequel. 

One thing I didn’t like however, was that the book felt a little long and slightly repetitive. There was a lot of bickering between the characters which happened every time the characters got thrown into a new game. With a little more editing the book could have been more concise. 

Overall, if you’re a gamer then you’re sure to like this one!


3 thoughts on “Review: Eve 2.0 (The Gamer Series #1)

  1. The BookWorm Drinketh says:

    Games AND music?? That sounds amazing!! It’s always hard with the 1st book in a series to give enough information and tie up enough that the readers are satisfied, but to leave enough to continue the series. Some authors get it right… Some not so much! I’ll have to check this one out, though!

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