Review: Terror is Our Business

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Rating: ★★★

This was a fun collection of spooky short stories. 

In the introduction, Joe Lansdale recommends spreading out your reading of the stories and I agree with that. Like he mentions in the intro, the stories follow a similar structure so reading them over time is definitely the better option. Otherwise, it is easy to tire of them.

Personally, I really loved Jana as a character. I felt more of a connection with her than I did with Dana. Jana was more relatable and added a nice dash of humor to the stories. My favorite story from the whole collection was the Jana solo story, “Blind Love.” That story felt very modern and fresh. That being said, aside from “Blind Love” my favorite stories were the Dana solo stories. Jana was great in the other stories, but I didn’t find the plots of them to be as interesting as the earlier Dana stories. 

I also was happy that this book centered on female leads since you don’t always see that in the horror genre.

As for the horror level of this book, it is pretty mild. So if you are a scaredy cat, you’ll still be able to enjoy this collection. 

Overall, this is a great collection of stories if you are in the mood for some paranormal mysteries. 


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