Review: Cute Mutants Vol 1 (Cute Mutants #1)

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Rating: ★★★★

I received a copy of this book for free as part of an Instagram book tour (MTMC Tours specifically) I did to promote the book. 

Omg this book!

First off, I loved all the characters. They were each so unique and I loved seeing them come together as a team. My favorite was Alyse (aka Moodring). I loved how supportive she was of Dylan and the whole team. 

The story was well thought out in terms of both the external (dangerous villain on the loose) and internal (identity, friendship, love). There was a good balance between the two. 

I also really loved all the geeky references thrown in. Since this is a book about mutants, there are numerous references to X-Men. But there were also references to other geeky things. For example, there were a couple of references to Avatar: The Last Airbender (one of my favorite shows). 

Lastly, you gotta love all the queer representation in this book. Dylan is pansexual. Dylan’s parent is non-binary and goes by the name Pear (such a clever name!). Lou is transgender. The list goes on and on. In general, it’s rare to find queer representation in superhero stories ,so the fact that there is so much in this book means a lot. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this fun and queer superhero story with a lot of heart. 

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