Review: Far From The Shallow

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Rating: ★★★★

I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

The thing I love most about poetry is how personal it can be. This collection was the epitome of that. I could tell that every poem came from the heart.

I really liked the water theme that was woven throughout the poems. It made the collection very cohesive. 

The end included a note from the author that further explained the meaning behind the collection. The author’s note really helped bring the collection full circle. 

My one critique is that I would have liked to see the poems divided into sections. A lot of poetry collections, especially ones centering around trauma and healing, often use sections to help guide the reader through their journey. The poems clearly told a story and sections (perhaps one dealing with water) would have elevated the book even more. 

I loved a lot of the poems. Here is a list of the ones that really stood out to me: 

  • Lilac Notes (pg. 12)
  • Needle and Thread (pg. 21)
  • Peace in the Rain (pg. 24)
  • Blooming (pg. 32)
  • My Guardian Angel (pg. 34)
  • Brave (pg. 56)
  • Lost Girl (pg. 72) 
  • Recollections of Unlearning (pg. 75) 
  • Natural Love (pg. 80)
  • Irreplaceable (pg. 88)
  • Abandoned (pg. 99)
  • You’re Not Alone (pg. 102)
  • Write Your Way (pg. 105) 
  • Be Mindful (pg. 110)
  • Her Love (pg. 112)
  • Bouquet (pg. 120)
  • Break Free (pg. 125)
  • A Bright Girl (pg. 156)
  • Nostalgia (pg. 159)
  • A Rare Soul (pg. 166)
  • Peace (pg. 171)
  • Dreamer (pg. 189)
  • Moonflower (pg. 193)
  • Dear Gentle Soul (pg. 202)

Overall, this was a powerful poetry collection! 

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