Review: Still, the Sky

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Rating: ★★★

I received a copy of this book for free from the author for promotional purposes. 

Poetry is always a tricky genre to review because it is so subjective and can be interpreted in many ways. This was a beautifully written poetry collection, however, I didn’t “get” it. The poems flowed very well, but I had a hard time grasping the meanings. 

Part of the disconnect was likely due to the fact that I was not familiar with the mythology the poems explored. The book focuses on myths like Icarus and the Minotaur, which I knew nothing about. If I was more familiar with them, I probably would have appreciated the poems more. 

I did enjoy the art installations that were dispersed throughout the collection. Many of them connected back to various poems which made it all feel very cohesive. My favorite was Figure 41. Call to Prayer (pg. 148). 

The collection is incredibly organized which is always a plus for me for poetry books (sometimes poetry collections can be haphazard). It’s broken up into sections and even has a prologue and epilogue.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite poetry collection, but don’t let that deter you from reading it. If it sounds interesting to you, go for it! 

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One thought on “Review: Still, the Sky

  1. Wander with Jon says:

    This sounds like a very interesting read. I don’t think I’ve ever read a poetry collection that explores mythological story. I’m very curious.


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