Review: The Proposal


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Rating: ★★★★

I received this book for free from the publisher (Berkley Books) in exchange for an honest review. 

Please note that I have not read The Wedding Date, so all the characters in this book were brand new to me. I also cannot speak to how this book compares with that book. 

It took me forever to read this book because I just started law school, but this was such a fun romance! 

First off, I loved the diversity! The main character is black. One of her friends is a plus sized Korean American. The other is a black lesbian. The love interest is Latino. It was just so refreshing to see and read about, especially since the book takes place in Los Angeles which is so diverse. 

The premise of being proposed to at a baseball game (if only it wasn’t a Dodgers game- Go Giants!) and saying no was so creative and fun. I could picture this being turned into a great rom-com movie. 


I also loved the overall vibe of the book. It felt very LA. Like when I was reading it, I could totally tell that it was LA and I felt like I was there with the characters. 

The romance was really good as well. Nik and Carlos made a great couple. I loved their interactions, especially the ones with Carlos’s family. His family is the best. 

The ending for me fell a little flat which is why I gave this 4 stars. It ended quickly and I wished that it would have been fleshed out more. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable diverse romance! 

Review: Out of Left Field


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Rating: ★★★★★

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

I love historical fiction and I love baseball and I love girls standing up for what they believe in, so of course I loved this! 

I have a lot to say about this book.

First, I LOVED that it took place in the Bay Area, because I am from the bay. The SF Giants are mentioned in this and they’re my favorite team (Go Giants!). Additionally, I liked that it talked about the San Fransisco Seals because truthfully I’ve never heard of them. 

I also loved the diversity. One of the main character’s friends, PeeWee Ishikawa, is Japanese American and at one point in the novel he brings up Japanese internment. I always appreciate it when books mention Japanese internment because it is something that still gets overlooked at times. I’m glad the book acknowledged it. Her other friend, Chip, is black and through her friendship with him she learns all about the Negro League and how the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was white only. That made the book intersectional so I was really happy to see that.  


If you didn’t already guess it, this book is jammed pack with information, both baseball and not baseball related. I ended up learning a lot about the history of women in baseball. The book takes place in 1957-1958, so it incorporates real life events that happened in those years as well (The Little Rock Nine, Sputnik, etc.). 

The overall storyline was good. It did a really tremendous job at showcasing how unfair it is that girls can’t play Little League. 

As a random side note, I loved the little mention of Walt Disney and his television program. I love Disney so any mention of him is always a plus in my book.

Overall, this was an amazing, informative, and inspirational book, and if you read it, be prepared to be schooled in women’s baseball! 


The Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated by Beth from The Books are Everywhere. Thank you so much for nominating me! You can check out her post by clicking here.

The rules

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I actually did a similar tag to this one called the One Lovely Blog Award which asked me to give 7 facts about myself. So for this one I will give 7 brand new facts.

Here are my 7 facts

  1. My favorite sport is baseball. I’m a huge SF Giants fan although my favorite player, Tim Lincecum, is currently on the Texas Rangers
  2. I love classic rock. I grew up listening to it and some of my favorite classic rock bands are Aerosmith, Van Halen, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Def Leppard, and AC/DC.
  3. I don’t read e-books. I tried to, but I retain information better when it is a physical book.
  4. My favorite superhero is Squirrel Girl. She’s awesome. She’s unbeatable, hilarious, and such a good role model.
  5. I love reading coffee table books. I have acquired quite a collection of them. My favorite coffee table book topics are home design/interior design, fashion, Disney, and the Kennedys.
  6. My favorite ride at Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion. I’m obsessed with that ride and I often refer to it as my dream home.
  7. I love stationery. Nothing beats good old fashioned paper. It’s why I always took hand written notes at school. I love writing on paper. Plus, like with books, I have better retention taking notes on paper than I do typing them.


Once again, I never know who to nominate for these things. So if this sounds interesting to you, then go for it! Don’t forget to tag me so I can check it out!