Too many books means time to unhaul!

I recently realized that I have way too many books. Like too many that I don’t know what to do with them. So I decided to do a massive unhaul. I did an unhaul before, but that was only about 30 books. This time I unhauled over 135 books (don’t know the exact number but it’s at least 135).

My unhaul didn’t happen overnight. I did a gradual unhaul. I first started with books I had recently read but didn’t feel the need to keep.

Then I tackled my massive amount of unread books. For a long time, I used to have a relatively small amount of unread books (between 30-50). At the time I had over 150 unread books and growing everyday (I get a lot of book mail). This caused me to do a massive reality check. I stopped and asked myself, Do I really have time to read all these books? The answer? Hell no! Law school keeps me so busy. There is no possible way I can read all these books anytime soon. I came to the realization that keeping these books on my shelf and never reading them was not doing them any good. So I unhauled a ton of them. I didn’t count, but if I had to estimate, I probably unhauled 40-70 unread books.

I slowly brought these books to my school’s Free Little Library. This Free Little Library is right outside the coffee shop that literally everyone at school goes to. It gets a ton of foot traffic. So far about 95% of the books I put in there are gone. That makes me so happy. Knowing that others are reading and enjoying the books I don’t have time to read is a good feeling.

I also did a massive unhaul of books at my parent’s house. When I moved down for law school, I only brought about half of the books I own. The other half I left at my parent’s house. Most of the books I left are ones that I wasn’t particularly attached to. When I went home for Easter break I decided to unhaul a bunch of them. Many of the unhauled books are ones that I read a few years ago and haven’t picked up since. So why not give them a new home? I ended up unhauling over 80 books. These books I donated to Goodwill.

The unhaul pile at my parent’s house

I’m also trying to limit myself when it comes to free books. I’m trying to say no to more books. I don’t need to say yes to every single Instagram book tour or review request I get offered. I’m very fortunate to be at a place in my blogging/bookstagram career where I am able to get so many books for free, but I don’t need to have ALL the books.

Overall, I am so happy with the amount of books I have given a new home. It feels so good and such a relief to bring my number of unread books down and to just declutter in general.

Do you unhaul books? Tell me about it in the comments!


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I unhauled books!

I finally did it. I unhauled some books from my shelves and donated them.

I’ve been putting off doing this for a while because I am such a book hoarder. I just want to keep all my books. However, I have been running out of shelf space for a while now and my mom has been nagging me about the amount of books I own and the fact that I keep getting book mail. So it was about time I did it.

At first I thought I would be sad after I did it, but I actually feel quite happy and relieved. I’m actually smiling while I’m writing this. Once I started picking books to unhaul, it was so easy to pick more and it felt so good to declutter my shelves.

In total, I unhauled approximately 32 books. I picked books that I know I probably wouldn’t refer back to in the future. What I mean by that is I probably won’t use these books in bookstagram photos, talk about them in my blog, reread them, or reminisce with them. Just because I unhauled a book doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it, it just means that I don’t have a use for them anymore.


All the books I unhauled


Have you ever unhauled books? Tell me about it in the comments!