About Me

Hello there!

My name is Jessica and this is my book blog. On this site I will be posting reviews and other bookish thoughts.

A little bit about me:

  • I am 26 years old
  • I was born and raised in California
  • I am half Filipino and half white
  • I have a BA in Philosophy
  • I am a recent law school graduate
  • I am fascinated by astrology and tarot cards
  • I love Disney Princesses and Marvel superheroes (Squirrel Girl is my fav)

Now on to the more bookish stuff:

Rating System

  • 5 stars: Super amazing, one of my favorites
  • 4 stars: Above average, really enjoyed it
  • 3 stars: Liked it but didn’t love it
  • 2 stars: Just okay, not for me
  • 1 star: Hated it

For more information on genres I read, check out my contact page.