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Review Requests

I am happy to review your books, however, I will only review physical copies of books (no e-books). E-Books and I just don’t get along. Please also note that in addition to this blog, I post my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, BookLikes, LibraryThing, and Litsy. My blog posts also get promoted through my Facebook page and Twitter. I can post my review on other sites upon request. Additionally, I often post a picture of what I am currently reading on my Bookstagram (both in my feed and in my stories) so your book would be getting a fair amount of exposure on there as well.

I’m not really picky when it comes to genres; I’m open to reading pretty much anything. Genres I am particularly interested in are young adult, middle grade, literary fiction, contemporary, historical fiction, romance, and poetry.

Please use the form below to send me a request or email me at

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