Review: Cracked Marble

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Rating: ★★★★★

I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This was such an emotional poetry collection! 

This collection is focused on heartbreak and healing and the author just pours her heart on every page. Books like this is why I love poetry. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s unfiltered. It’s emotion on a page. I can tell that every poem came from deep inside her. 

There is also a good mix of prose in the collection which I loved. The prose was just as strong as the poems and added variety to the book.

Some of my favorite pieces were:

  • East Coast (pg 23)
  • Grievance (pg 43)
  • For the people who fall in love with potential (pg 59)
  • Past me (pg 106) 
  • You have what it takes (pg 110)
  • On behalf of him (pg 111) 
  • Re-connect (pg 142)

I also loved that she made the reader a part of the book. At the end she has a little note to the reader where she describes the book being a conversation. I found that to be a really nice touch and made me feel really connected to the poems. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of poetry and prose. If you are looking for a poetry book that packs an emotional punch, then read this one! 

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